A fascinating interplay of precisely synchronized juggling moves with light-effects and music. 
Glow21For the new juggling routine with the Glow-Clubs, NilyNils is using the latest technological innovation in Circus-equipment.
Specifically designed for night-time or dark conditions, the Glow-Clubs step beyond the limitations of luminous and ultra-violet juggling equipment. These newly developed juggling clubs use Led’s and a microprocessor so that they can glow in different colours and with different light intensities. 
The different patterns that emerge whilst juggling these unique clubs are a completely new way of captivating people through the art of juggling.
The Glow-Clubs open up a new dimension to the classical combination of juggling and music, with the ability to synchronize colours and light-patterns to the music.That way NilyNils gives this number it‘s very own logic, which guides the fascinated audience in an almost hypnotic way through the routine.
This 7-minute juggling routine is especially suitable for galas and variety shows but can also be specifically adjusted to your event.
The Glow-Show can also be included in the NilyNils-Show with the high unicycle as a very special second finale!

Nils-F. Müller 
Solo Show

7 minutes (in combination with NilyNils-Show 30 to 60 minutes).
All kind of audiences 

Type of performance:
complex jugging routine with glow-equipment to music 
The show does not depend on a stage or a special light system and can be performed almost anywhere. To appreciate the full visual impact of the clubs, a certain level of darkness is required, which makes the show especially suitable for indoor venues or night shows for open air events. Minimum space required 3x3x3 meter
iPod, Computer, MiniDisc or CD.
- batterie powered  50 watt sound system (Bose). Sufficent for most performances for up to 100 people. 
- Aktivboxen mit Subwoofer und zwei Satelliten und Mischpult:
HK AUDIO® Aktivsystem L.U.K.A.S Smart
Power Subwoofer: 250 W/3 ohms @ 0,3 % THD
Power Satellites: 2x 60 W/4 ohms @ 0,3 % THD
Gewicht: 21 kg.
(Excellent sound quality for events with up to 400 people - of curse that always depends on the space and the surrounding noice)