Glow-Show reloaded - juggling 3D, breathtaking and sensational!
The artist interacts with the 3D-pictures that are created by a laser and thus becomes himself with his juggling part of that picture.
The reslut is an original performance that leaves a long lasting impression on any audience.
By the way:
it´s easy to integrate a costom-made company logo or personal felicitations into the laser-projection! 
 Facts about the show:
- Duration: I have a 7 and a  15 minute version of the show.
- Space: it is possible to perform indoor and outdoor, minimum space on stage required: 3x3x3m.
- Technic: the artist can provide all necessary equipment (laser, laser-gaze, sound, light, hazer, etc.)
- other requirements: darkness.
- Safety: safety is the highest priority for a laser-show. As trained laser protection officer the artist himselt is able and authorised to safely install and run a laser device